Connective Games: bringing slots from land-based to online

Online casinos have been gradually acquiring market shares. In the prominent European igaming market of Denmark, online casinos contributed €450m to the total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of €700m in 2021, representing a market share of 64.3% (source: Danish Gambling Authority). According to the regulator, slots are the most widely favored genre, with 73.5% of all virtual casino clients playing them.


This phenomenon was notably conspicuous in 2022 and is expected to grow increasingly conspicuous in the next years. Consequently, there is a high probability that content originally designed for land-based casinos would be modified for online platforms. This adaptation will play a significant role in attracting and retaining players, thereby contributing to the success of casinos.


This article explores the essential elements required to successfully adapt physical slot machines for online platforms. The Connective Games team also addresses how operators may take advantage of these opportunities and guarantee that online titles cater to a wide range of demographics. The platform provider also discusses their predictions for the future of online slots and emphasizes the importance of localized content, using the example of Denmark's largest online casino.


Overview of the collaboration with the Danish online casino

Connective Games is an international software development firm with a proven 15-year history of delivering high-quality gaming projects for many platforms that involve real-money transactions. Our expertise lies in creating highly localized goods that are specifically designed for local markets. This enables our operator partners to effectively compete with the largest and most successful tier-one brands globally.


We have effectively adapted several land-based slot machines for online use for our partner, the largest online gambling operator in Denmark. The company, which exclusively supplies physical game machines for the Danish market, aimed to expand its online slots collection with unique titles that would attract both online and retail gamers and perform equally well in the digital realm.


Our experts enhanced and adjusted the mechanics of the EGMs for online platforms, revamped and significantly enhanced the images, and incorporated top-notch animation and sound features. This is done while maintaining Jeetbuzz login maximum fidelity to the original concept. Every game has been modified for both desktop and mobile devices to guarantee an engaging user experience on any size screen. Additionally, the games have been localized to cater specifically to the Danish market.


We are thrilled to see that our online slots offer a multitude of captivating and dynamic features, allowing players to establish a strong connection with the game. Local residents undeniably enjoy playing the slot machines. They account for one-third of all wagers made at the online casino, which includes games from big global brands as well as third-party titles. The reviews are highly favorable.


The obstacles and essential measures to guarantee the successful transition of a land-based game to an internet platform.

The primary problem lies in maintaining the attractiveness and enjoyment of live game machines when they are adapted for a digital setting. Multiple variables are influencing the situation.


Primarily, it pertains to the whole sensory encounter that players often pursue in physical casinos. The genuineness of a machine, the sensory experience of pressing buttons, and the excellence of sounds. Replicating all of this online seems quite challenging. The game mechanisms that feature a high entertainment value are capable of holding the same level of attention.


Essentially, it is necessary to thoroughly examine how the mechanics may effectively engage online players without compromising or altering the core essence of the game. The mathematical models must also be adjusted to accommodate the unique approach of online platforms regarding the total bet size and various methods of jackpot scaling.


Regarding Danish slots, their game logic distinguishes itself from that of any commonly recognized titles. The presence of various bonuses and specialized triggering rules enables players to discover a certain game strategy and enhance their likelihood of winning. We exerted significant efforts to transition the slots into the digital domain. Your knowledge and innovative thinking would be quite valuable in this situation.


Furthermore, the design significantly enhances the whole experience. With the emergence of advanced technology, you now have greater flexibility in design and fewer obstacles to creativity, enabling you to achieve a better degree of detail. However, the procedure is becoming increasingly challenging.


Furthermore, it is important to consider the disparities that exist on the device side. The physical assets are tailored to the unique configuration of the cabinet monitor and the capabilities of the processor. On the other hand, the online needs will encompass different types of screens, their orientation, and a range of devices.


In addition, when using a mobile device, all elements such as buttons and game dialogues are reduced in size. Users also anticipate significantly quicker response times compared to playing without an internet connection. Lastly, due to the perpetual evolution of technology, the adjustment and enhancement of online information must be ongoing.


The significance of game localization and its essential aspects

The success of an online slot game is heavily dependent on the process of localisation, which involves customizing the game to suit specific regions.


Research indicates that there is a strong global demand for localised content, with 65 percent of users expressing a greater willingness to utilize services that are tailored to their specific nations. In Denmark, the percentage of people who reach this statistic is 80%, even though the population has a very high level of English proficiency.


However, it is not solely about proficiency in foreign languages. We attribute this phenomenon to the fact that localized material enhances a player's immersion in the game world. It creates a more authentic, understandable, and emotionally impactful experience for the audience by taking into account the specific cultural context.


Culturalization goes beyond simple translation of linguistic elements into the target language. It involves a deeper examination of the fundamental assumptions, values, ideologies, and intended population's perception and experience of the game. The emphasis is placed on aspects such as design, storyline, color usage, visuals, character names, taste, customs, tone, and the game setting, including elements like music and user interface. Players are more inclined to have confidence in the product when they perceive that it has been specifically tailored to their needs. Frequently, modification must also consider the legal prerequisites of the intended market.


Prior to that, it is necessary to conduct research. The detailed analysis of the local culture, demographics, player types, as well as their preferred game themes, features, RTP and volatility will help to shape your content accordingly and ensure its strong performance on the market.

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