Gambling on the Mediterranean

The operators of City of Dreams Mediterranean (COD Med) conducted their formal grand opening on July 11th, marking the establishment of the first integrated casino resort in the Mediterranean region, which was highly anticipated by the gaming industry.

Many in the industry, especially those in the United States and East Asia, believed that Southern Europe lacked the same level of gaming, dining, lodging, and entertainment options as Las Vegas, Macau, or Singapore. It was widely believed that the market in Southern Europe was not adequately served until the opening.

Indeed, the Mediterranean region has historically provided a wide range of casino gambling options that cater to both local inhabitants and tourists from across the world. It houses one of the oldest casinos that has been Cooe Apk operating continuously, along with a diverse range of slot halls and tiny casinos within hotels. Additionally, it boasts some of the most appealing integrated casino resorts in the world.

The Mediterranean region spans from Egypt to the French Riviera. The region comprises Egypt, Lebanon, the Republic of Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Greece, and Monaco, together with parts of France and Italy. With the aim of broadening their tax revenue and enticing global tourists, governments in the area are anticipated to pursue further integrated casino resort projects, with Athens being the most probable contender. However, it is prudent for developers to examine the existing properties before making any investments in new ones.

The City of Dreams is situated in the Republic of Cyprus (ROC), a sovereign state located on an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Republic of Cyprus (ROC) covers approximately two thirds of the island's total land area and is a member state of the European Union. This categorization is significant since it indicates that ROC is included inside Europe, despite the exclusion of the northern region of the island.

The Republic of Cyprus (ROC) has a population of 1.3 million and is a popular tourist destination for Israelis, Eastern Europeans, Arabs, and Russians. The key markets for COD Med are anticipated to be comprised of these tourists.

Larnaca International Airport serves as the main gateway to the Republic of Cyprus (ROC). COD Med is situated in close proximity to the city of Limassol, at a distance of around 75 kilometers (46 miles) to the south of the airport. The route to reach COD Med mostly involves traveling on a four-lane divided highway.

Melco Resorts, the proprietor of COD Med, initially penetrated the Cyprus market four years ago as the sole casino operator in the nation, offering three moderately sized slot halls and an extra casino with both slots and five table games. The corporation was able to utilize such sites to conduct extensive game testing iplwin download and determine which ones resonate with the local populace. The City of Dreams commenced operations with 500 accommodation units, an expansive 80,000-square-foot casino featuring around 750 slot machines, 32 table games, and 30 poker tables, as well as a substantial area dedicated to banquets and meetings. The gambling tax rate is 15 percent.

City of Dreams Mediterranean is marketed as Europe's sole integrated casino resort, although this claim overlooks the presence of several similar casino resorts located 120 kilometers (75 miles) away in Northern Cyprus, which are nearly equidistant from Larnaca International Airport.

Northern Cyprus: The Country that is not Officially Recognized
The international community, including the European Union and the United Nations, does not recognize Northern Cyprus as a sovereign country. An armed struggle that originated half a century ago resulted in the division of the island into two regions, with Northern Cyprus effectively coming under the guardianship of Turkey.

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